Water off

To All

I needed to shut the system down to make an emergency repair. This should be a quick repair and should have the system back up and running within the hour.

Thank You
Del Office # 342-3162

Water off

Dear Patrons

We have a leak on the main line at the 600 block of Warm Springs. So I shut the valve off at Warm Springs & Straughan Crossing. This means all services, west off Warm Springs & Straughan will be without water. I have contacted three construction companies that is qualified to make the repairs, but they can’t do the job until Monday Morning. This leak location is around 10 to 12 feet deep with our main line going under the Freestone Creek. I will keep trying to contact someone that can come sooner.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Del Office # 342-3162

Warm Springs Construction

Dear Patrons,

As you’ve probably noticed, ACHD has begun resurfacing Warm Springs Ave. They’re getting started a little behind schedule, but they should be finished well before the end of summer. I have worked closely with them on the Warm Springs projects, and we’re all keeping a close watch on our geothermal system in this final resurfaces phase. My main concern is the potential for leaks when the asphalt is smoothed with a large vibrating roller. Apparently, it vibrates enough to shake the houses along the street (folks living on Warm Springs might consider taking breakables down from shelves)!

I am monitoring the system closely, but if you notice leaks or significant changes in heat or pressure, please don’t hesitate to call. ACHD won’t be working on the weekends, so I hope that any issues that do arise can be fixed promptly.

Keep your fingers crossed and enjoy the rest of your summer!



Boise Warm Springs Water District

Office: (208) 342-3162

water off

To all patrons west of Straughan, due to an emergency I need to shut the water off on that section. at this time another construction company is working in that same area, I need to have them move all their equipment before I start the repair.

Sorry again for the problems, thank you


Water Back on

The water is back on. It may take a few more minutes for the pressure to build back to normal, and you may have some air in your lines.

Thank you all and have a safe weekend.


Water off

We found one more bad spot in the line. So we are fixing it right now and should have the water back on shortly.