About the District

The geothermal system now managed by the Boise Warm Springs Water District has been in operation since 1892 and thus is the oldest continuously operating geothermal system in the U. S., if not in the world.  The pump house, pictured above¹, is framed from the derricks used to drill the original wells. The water company that dug the wells also built the Natatorium on Warm Springs Avenue to take advantage of the hot water. The Natatorium, the hot water lines, and a trolley line from downtown spawned a building boom along the avenue in the early twentieth century. Today the district serves hot water to almost 300 customers in the East End neighborhood. 

Usage Rates:

2008 – 2009                        Gallons Used                         228,718,428

2009 – 2010                        Gallons Used                         242,200,729

2010 – 2011                        Gallons Used                         244,824,871

2011 – 2012                        Gallons Used                         246,498,100

2012 – 2013                        Gallons Used                         240,133,600

2013 – 2014                        Gallons Used                         244,148,200


Here are a couple of interesting articles on the history of the Boise Warm Springs Water District:

¹ Photo by Patrick Frischmuth